Monday, January 16, 2006

Judgment Day

Tomorrow the Scheisseman / Iceman cometh, when the Mexican Justice System, founded on Kafka's Napollockeonic Law claims it will reach a decision.

The appellate judge, about 25 years old I would estimate (they send them straight from bad law schools to the bench here), is meeting with the first judge and the Assistant D.A., supposedly to overturn the first decision--which I just found out went against us Nov. 30 because our lawyers never informed us, indeed took a month's vacation without back-up during some of the most crucial parts of the process, during which, yo, in my imperfect Espanol, had to serve as my own pleading counsel--although my disability insurance company forbids me to doctor myself, for which I am better qualified, despite the adage that "Any doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient." I say to that: "Any well-trained American doctor who subjects himself to a Mexican doctor has a death wish."

Now, for any who pray and read this today, pray. Atheists, please send us good vibes. Agnostics, dare to doubt while wishing to pray for us. Buddhists, forget about your desire to help us, it is just part of the wheel. Hindus, rejoice in our education as our experience is surely a sign that we must still be learning and will not escape reincarnation. Muslim extremists, please send a suicide bomber to our former maid but spare the dog.

Voodoists, please sacrifice more than one chicken. Sikhs, wrap your turbans more tightly. Zoroastrians, pray that the evil god is defeated by the good one. New Agers, shake your best crystals. Poets, write about yourselves--I know it's impossible for you to write with concern for us.

Hillary, display your bad legs in public to assure your solidarity. Bush, send troops. Cheney, hit your implanted defibrillator once to show some empathy.

Tellytubbies and Barney, please stay away, you scare the hell out of me.

BTW, Happy Birthday to my Sweet Sarah on her 17th today! XXOXXO

And thanks to Paolo for commenting. There's not such thing as a free blog and if I don't get more comments I'll write it anyway, so there.

I wish I had a picture to post of our dog, Kenyon. A Newfoundland-Black Labrador-Golden Retriever mix, with the large head and webbed paws of a Newfie, the good nature of a Lab, and the beautiful golden fur of a Golden, save it is much longer because of the Newfie blood. He looks like a noble lion; we pray he still lives.

Dognapping has become popular here; to Mexicans dogs are just nameless furry burglar alarms; they think Americans' attachment to their pets absurd and deserving of exploitation. Again, not all Mexicans, just the brown ones.

Love You, Blogees!

Mad Doctor Hoping for a Miracle Tomorrow but More Expecting
Further Kafka Beckett Inscrutable Delays.


  1. Well? What's the good word? Your readership wants to know! I hope all went well.

  2. It's the 18th, so I suspect that it is yet another delay in the land of many delays... let us know.

  3. CE, is that 'lockeonic' or laconic? This saga is relentlessly riveting in its own way. I pray for a positive resolution.

  4. Okay, the silence is getting to me. I'm starting to worry. Please post the latest word.

  5. Thanks, Friends!

    I'll try to get to it today.

    Been laid low by amebiasis yet another time despite all my precautiions.

    As they are Pre-Cambrian, I fear the amoebas have an advantage over mammals. I've only begun to worry about prions.



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