Friday, February 17, 2006

Brief Update

Off to California today, should arrive in San Diego Wednesday night, Long Beach Friday night (2/24) and then head for parts north before my next child support hearing March 6.

The new (and last) issue of our magazine, The Melic Review, is now online: (press ¨current issue¨), in which you can judge the worth of my Eliot tome on Four Quartets, should any have the stamina. It still needs some tweaking, I think, but the webmaster wanted it up.

Now for our escape from Mexico..... can we do it? shudder shudder

¨Pray for us sinners at the hour of our death.¨


1 comment:

  1. Of course as you know, I have been under, really under, the weather. So to my shock, now that I am getting over my treatment, the Melic Review is gone. Heck I am devasted. Well, I guess it had a good run. Farewell.


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