Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Quitting Smoking Day 3: A Sexualized Vision of My Addiction

VI: A Sexualized Vision of My Addiction

I saw the spirit of fire,
in her coronet of coals
dancing in a leaf skirt
of golden brown,
her incendiary thighs

burning burning burning.

Before her only God breathed fire.
Afterwards came dragons,
venomous snakes and toads.
Finally man's penis swelled
and woman's labia grew
bloody-purple, pink and wet.

I heard Tobaccohontas speak:

"I burn for you, Brave.
Do not forget your love.
Cleave me with your tomahawk,
undo the seam so lightly stitched by nature
or my own nails will ream it,
drive your spear into the ravenous slit
beneath the golden curls of my mons,
pound me as a bear ruts a sow
in a ditch littered with salmon bones and acorns.
My mouths have swallowed
the seed of many warriors, come.”

Ah, Tobaccohontas,
I once fingered your moist fragrance
in blue pouches of Drum tobacco.
Your scent still calls to me
from the tent of elders puff by puff
but such stoic moderation is beyond me.
I cannot sample you, I must
devour and be devoured.

My lava grows hard in your ocean.
Your undersea cleft shapes me.
My tip breaks off like a coal in your wet purse.
I shudder, deflate and die.
You are the siren of my death.
I stub you out in ashtrays
as if they were vampires’ coffins
through which to pound my stake.
Now I can only suck
the memory of your forbidden pleasure
and cast its usage toward some future
beyond obsession. Forgive me
Princess; you were the best.


  1. Hallucinations... I love hallucinations. ;-) Wow... this is more like what I expect from your poetry. AND, you delivered the primal urge.

  2. check email, CE?

  3. Glad you liked this part, Cynthia. It's a long piece, for seven days of quitting, so it will have its peaks and valleys. Today's offering is short and more reality-based.




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