Saturday, April 22, 2006


Last night I said to Kathleen, "Kenyon is old and boring." Whereupon she burst into angry tears and left for the upstairs, where we now have a full-size bed. I was afraid to sleep with her and didn't. She claimed I harped on Kenyon's age, I thought I just mentioned it. In trying to clarify my remark this morning, she broke into tears again.

Why are men so stupid?

Kenyon isn't boring when we take him swimming, and he was frisky this morning as he danced around Kathleen with his favorite sock in his mouth. I fear Kathleen without a dog and want to get a puppy. She feels a puppy would shorten Kenyon's life, displacing him.

She is always right because it is her dog.

But Kenyon may have another three years, and I dread the day he goes to doggie heaven, as my sweeheart will weep for weeks.

Can't be helped, I guess.


I've had an awful cold, so bad I needed a chest X-ray. I didn't see anything serious on the X-ray but I'll wait for the radiologist's imprimatur. What's so strange is that I know I'm coughing out of my anterior left lung, and recumbency worsens it, and I've been doing so for two months with various shades of productivity, presently yellow-white. This means it was time to check for TB (from Mexico), lymphoma, lung cancer and other delights. I'll have four weeks off the damn cigs Monday as will Kathleen.

I hate going to doctors. Luckily I saw a PA. Ka-Ching!

I had to tell him how important I was. He told me he knew that I had to know everything. Wise man.

Strange, I always hated hospitals and clinics, even when I worked in them or managed them. I hate the sterility of it all, the implied inhumanity.

Shit, as we have no insurance, they wanted $318 for the chest X-ray! But I get a 30% discount if I pay the bill withing 45 days. Could illegal immigrants be driving the price up? Hmmm.....


Our check from Principal is late this month so we are being forced to be sober because we can't afford booze. I'd like to cut back on our drinking anyway, but as we so recently achieved smobriety, better one thing at a time, so I'm told.

Just a note for today. I'm computer-impaired as I left mine at my sister's like a blockhead. (You know, last minute, I'm telling myself "Don't forget the computer, Doc, don't forget..."

And then I do!)




  1. Sorry to hear about your coughing... I think that you were insensitive, but didn't mean to be. She probably knows that her dog has only a few more years. I am sure that she wants to enjoy as much of Kenya as possible. AND of course having the dognap problem didn't help...

  2. Anonymous4:37 AM PDT


    Speaking as a semi-permanent resident of one female doghouse or another, I've found 'clarifying the remark' never helps. Broken bones from sticks and stones heal in time, but poorly-chosen words can leave a limp that lingers for years.

    You just have to weather the hurt and bite your tongue even when the comment invariably resurfaces as an example of your insensitivity well into the future.

    take care my friend.

  3. The problem, the source of all human conflict, as I preach and breathe, is that each of us imagines the other is like ourselves.

    Why comics cause deaths, in other words.



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