Monday, March 16, 2009

New Poem?

Here's a new poem which is also a song:


I am the eyes in the ash of the slats of the fence that borders the meadow.

My eyes migrate to the top of my head like contacts for a flounder.

Fishy, you say? I cannot deny
that the stench of dead flounder can poison the sky.

Rocks don't talk but neither does God in any language we understand.

The nape of my neck will not protect my cervical spine from cancer.

Fishy, you say? I cannot deny
that a language of cancer might poison the sky.

A Sheba Inu's butt is white but so is that of the Roosevelt elk.

But first an implantation in your ear for better reception.

Fishy, you say? I cannot deny
that the flounder's a fish you mistake for a pie.

For the song go to Soundclick and click on "Flounders."

Enjoy or not,

Craig Erick

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