Sunday, June 14, 2009

Short Take on the Lakers' Victory

The Lakers have won it all and my anxiety is slaked. How nervous and pessimistic I become as I watch! Even a 16 point lead in the 4th quarter wasn't enough for me. I could only think of how we might blow it, and victory was more a relief for me than a celebration. Call me a nervous fan.

I lived through last year's sixth game blowout just as the Lakers did, and we came to the same conclusion: toughen up. And toughen up we did. We played hard in the post, making Dwight Howard ineffective. Just as importantly, we shot better tonight than they did from three point range. Ariza was wonderful, as were Kobe, Lamar and Fisher. We had the grit. We had the determination. And it feels almost as if Kobe willed us this championship. He was hungry, he let everyone know it, especially his teammates. And they took their cue from him.

Who's better, Kobe or LeBron? I'd have to say LeBron. But Kobe has a superior "supporting cast," it's clear. There's talk of Shaq going to Cleveland, but they need youth--what with robotic Ilgauskus and washed-up Ben Wallace and can't- shoot Varajao. All LeBron has is Mo Williams and change. He needs a real post player like Garnett or Gasol to excel in team basketball. And may I say, regarding Garnett, that if he and Leon Powe were healthy (for the Celtics) they would have represented the East, and the series would have likely gone seven. Because of injuries the two best teams did not meet in the finals.

Good to see Kobe with his first MVP award as well, and for Phil to get that number ten over Red Auerbach, longtime nemesis of the Lakers.

"So what will we do now?" my wife and I exclaim. Basketball takes up a big portion of our psychic life in its season, and now perhaps we'll be freed to work in the garden and socialize a little more. Like I said, it's a relief.

At Kiloneutral,



  1. Hey Craig,
    I'm not responding to this, I just had to find a quick way to write. Was surfing around Best New Poems Online, after Jill had invited me over there from FB -- and read the MQ poem for the first time - Boundaries. I just wanted to say how much I liked it, and one might even forgive you for your devotion to Eliot, for such a poem :>



  2. Anonymous7:14 AM PDT

    "So what will we do now?" my wife and I exclaim.

    Sorry CE, but there's a pulish tone to this comment. Just rememeber, things can always be worse.

  3. Hey, Doug,

    Thanks for looking me up and for the compliment on the poem. It's so hard to write morally or philosophically in today's poetic climate. I think I skirted the boundary on this one.

    Anonymous? Pulish? One of my favorite new words, along with mimiety and asyndeton.


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