Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's Fear!

In my ongoing pursuit to versify wisdom, here's new verse:

It's Fear

Rabbits don't take drugs
because they live by fear.
They don't hide under rugs
because their fear is dear.

For many years they've known
the benefit of nerves
just like a driver thrown
against his door by curves.

My doctor says I'm hooked
on cigarettes and booze,
my brain is overcooked
by television shews.

I suffer from addiction,
a manageable disease--
in his simple depiction
it's like a case of fleas

But I know what it is;
it's not the wine and beer.
What else can make you piss?
It's fear, it's fear, it's fear!

All of us have a basic choice: whether to be motivated by fear or love, whether to tremble before Jehovah or lie in the arms of Christ.

In a position of authority in this world, it is better to be feared than loved.

Otherwise it is much better to be loved than feared.

The first time one of my daughters said "Fuck you!" to me I knew they had broken through fear. Unlike my father, who would have gone ballistic on the point, I became instantly philosophical--mainly because I love my daughters so.

End of today's lesson,

Craig Erick

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