Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Car Parts and a New Cat

Greetings, Earthlings!

I went online to order a passenger side headlight assembly for our ’99 Plymouth Voyager super beater. Did you know that the passenger side headlight assembly costs twice as much as the driver’s side assembly? Must be that more drivers are creaming their left headlight is all I can figure. Still, $265? Discount warehouse, yeah! The prices for many car parts are outrageous. Why can’t they have more chop shops online?

Yesterday we mailed my Eliot ms., a labor of four years, to the professor who will read it for Mellen Press. Keep your cyberfingers crossed for me; it would mean a lot to me if someone published this book. Still I won’t give up after a first rejection by any means.

As some of you know, except for this blog I have given up new writing for the nonce. I will embark on no new ventures until all my old ones are wrapped up and marketed to the best of my ability. The novel’s in good shape and so are two books of stories. The columns, which Kathleen believes in, I think are too anachronistic to be reprinted, as many of them concern current events such as 9/11 and elections.

So I’m doing a lot of donkey work. Yesterday I scanned about thirty different song lyrics in various states of disrepair onto my computer so that I can compile all the songs I’ve written and record them as well. I have many more songs to go. It is a slow process, scanning and correcting moldy old papers with some print on them. It might actually be easier to type them anew, but I like the whole process of reclaiming these old papers.

I used to write songs more often than poems. Certainly they are easier to remember, set to melody and all. I like things you can whistle.

Kathleen was named “Employee of the Quarter” in the charitable organization for which she labors, which included a nice bonus. And now, with the manager’s absence, she has been raised to temporary manager. Soon she’ll be fundraising in Manhattan with Yoko.

My baby brother is so obsessive that I hope he doesn’t read this. My baby brother is so obsessive that I hope he doesn’t read this. My baby brother is so obsessive that I hope he doesn’t read this. My baby brother is so obsessive that if he reads this he will think it’s about him, after which he will look for clues as to my real meaning. My real meaning is hidden in the hollows of the letters. What I have written there, too small for reproduction, is the secret of and cure for all his obsessions. My baby brother is so obsessive that I hope he doesn’t read this or he will be disappointed, Not enough to obsess about.

My baby brother is 6’7” and at least 350 lbs. Big baby brother! In the picture above he is the one on the right.

I think I’m going slowly deaf. I don’t know which ear is worse. Either that or Kathleen has taken to speaking more softly. As our vision and hearing goes we shall have to tap Morse on each other’s skulls to communicate. As for sex, I suppose grabbing will still do in a pinch.

We got another cat, Topaz. I promise pictures soon. Kathleen didn’t want Jo Jo to be lonely while we’re gone. Now Jo Jo’s not lonely, she’s pissed and hissing at Topaz, who is nonplussed by the larger cat. We call her “Topaz” because she has a beautiful rust-colored diamond in the middle of her forehead.

Kiloneutral with occasional glimpses into the abyss, but working hard and whistling past the graveyard,

Craig Erick

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  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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