Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Sayings

Yes, you're all here tonight, all the plankton spirits and their keepers, the locavores praising their beets.

When you are confronted by monsters and every monster is a version of a human that you've met and every one of those humans gets inside your head and talks, yeah, that really sucks.

If your beliefs conflict with the truth, open your eyes and tame your heart.

I felt sorry for a man without feet until I saw a man with no knees, but when I met a man with no hips my compassion tanked.

If science can duplicate nature, why is "natural" still used as a promotional quality?

To train the young mind: music, math and essays.

I lay the stone of my foul heart in the lap of your fiery hem.

Aging is not for cowards.

The more critical a person, the more sensitive.

We labor under the illusion that life makes sense. All our fantasies, religious and otherwise, are directed toward supporting that illusion. If we have such a need to make sense, does it make sense that it really does make sense?

The traits you least like in others are your own.

The key to happiness is to be born with a sunny temperament.

God is not on your side. His is the only side.

The Internet is the virtual end of privacy. Either live by subsistence in the woods or drop your pants.

Does anyone today really want privacy? Only after celebrity has been achieved.

Norm Ball understands these things, but we don't know if our insights are due to our competitive narcissism (and jealousy of celebrity) or clear-headed cultural observation.

At a psychological level there are no clean hands.

Though time is relative, Happy New Year!



  1. But as you said yesterday, madness can be made into art....all the more reason to keep at it I figure. I hope this is a much better year for us a young English poet said on a board I follow, "let's all promise, wherever we live, to never, ever invade another country again"...and let's hope we spend war money on developing better medications, cures even...make them available at no cost to those who need them. Let us hope for peace, not just in war torn areas, but peace in all of our daily lives. My best wishes to you and Kathleen...and you too, Norm! : )


  2. I will have black-eyed peas tomorrow for all of you...the southern tradition is if you eat them on New Year's Day, you'll not have a worse meal the rest of the year. : )

  3. You'd think a man born with a sunny temperment wouldn't grow old to be a curmudgeon. You'd be wrong. That's 'cause life isn't supposed to make sense. Life is supposed to be enjoyed. In the face of certain doom, you're supposed to have FUN?!

    Sure, why not? Makes perfect sense to me.


    Happy New Year, CE!

  4. Makes sense to me, too, Beau...Fun sustains us.


  5. Blue? Me, too. : )

  6. When my biological capacity to "have fun" returns, I may be tempted to agree.

  7. Anonymous2:04 PM PST


    Are you suggesting I'm jealous of Paris Hilton? Conrad Hilton just donated practically all his money to charity partly because Paris embarrasses the hell out of him. Celebrity is at best a two-headed camera.

    take care and happy new year to you and Kathleen



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