Sunday, January 13, 2008

Church of the Beatles

I'm sad this morning because Kathleen and I had a little misunderstanding last night, whose reverberations greeted me upon awakening. I take my response for normal, but given my recent history, I may be forgiven if I fear relapse at the touch of normal sadness.

Two good signs: I wrote a new song this week, and this morning, violating my vow, a poem as well. At least I think it's a poem:

Treated for ADD (For Tiel)

For ten days my mind and body
have tasted synchronicity
(usually one runs before or behind
like the trains in Mexico).

Everything I’ve bruised, broken,
bent, spilled, shoved, poked or kno-
cked over--it was not a lack of Zen
that propelled and dispropelled me--
my RPMs were running amok.
God bless amphetamines!

I also stayed up too late last night, a carry-over habit from depression. While in the throes of the illness I feel better later in the evening, thus desperately try to avoid sleep, knowing I will be sick when I wake. It is not surprising that after our spat I reverted to this behavior--then maybe one has nothing to do with the other; for most of my life I have willfully resisted my body's signal to sleep. I feel as if I'm going to miss out on something if I sleep.

(I really need to feed the rhododendrons and azaleas today but there are so many and I have to do it bucket by bucket.)

I've been listening to "Breakfast with the Beatles" this morning, an old tradition of mine and perhaps a bit of a substitute for church. One hour of it was devoted to Ringo's new album, Liverpool 8. Are you surprised that this is his 14th studio album?

Ringo is an example of a celebrity by association; without John, Paul and George he wouldn't have made a single album. It could also be argued that without John and Paul, George would likely never have made an album as well. Hitch your wagon to a genius.

I should visit some friends' blogs. I joined Facebook at someone's urging but I still don't know how to behave or network through it. Some say this idea of a universal interactive platform, accessible from any computer like U-tube, represents "Web 2.0." I think there has been a more gradual evolution of applications (though the idea of a one-digit leap in net concept corresponds nicely to its digital nature).

"Love is all you need." You could do worse on a Sunday morning than to listen to the Beatles.

Good Day Sunshine,



  1. Anonymous5:38 PM PST

    You need to attend services at Our Lady of and visit the wholly land.

  2. Anonymous5:40 PM PST

    You might want to look into services held at Our Laddy of

  3. Facebook's a complete mystery to me.

    I signed up because I was forced to--it's the only way to have access to the MiPo poetry board, and while I don't actively post poems there, I do love to participate in the monthly challenges, so I doled out my personal information and got myself an account.

    I only recently figured out how to communicate in an emailish manner with friends.

    And because I don't check out my own page, I recently discovered I had a slew of invitations to "be friends" with a bevy of people, some dating back weeks or months.

    I'm so old school that I only recently began using my cell phone on a regular basis out of necessity. I'd previously only used it for emergencies. But I don't text message people on it, I don't play music on it, and I don't take photos with it.

    I think my father would've been amazed at how rapidly that single bit of technology has progressed in these 6 brief years since his death.

    I miss phone booths. I miss the ring of a real phone. I miss a phone you have to place in its cradle. I miss rotary dials.

    I know, I know, I'm old school.

  4. Me, too lkd...

    I only carry a cell phone for emergencies and watching the 23 year old CEO of Facebook tonight on 60 Minutes, I am not sure I want to sign up just yet...even though he's already worth over 30 million.


  5. Thank you, on behalf of both of us. Here's hoping for the miracle to endure.

  6. I only carry a cell phone to text Kathleen, who is deaf.

    All this global networking is leading to one thing: We shall be commodities with markets, not persons with friends. Ain't it the truth?

  7. i have never tried facebook...there are so many sites many ways to be public yet completely anonymous and alone. you sound good.

  8. good to see you writing again, looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Empress22912:57 PM PST

    I got a new computer, and I think it lets me leave comments now. I am so glad that your kilowattage is improved. I just wonder did you bring enough Adderal for everyone? ha.


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