Sunday, June 01, 2008


"Net Poets," "Happy Alcoholic" in Bumbershoot.

"Good Fridays" in Astropoetica:

"After Reading the Latter Half of the Fourth Edition of the Norton Anthology of Poetry" in Barefoot Muse.


In print I'll have a poem on the front cover and an interview on the back cover of the new Sigurd Journal. Their website doesn't yet feature content but it does accept submissions:

Two of the journals paid! Hoo hoo!

Enough for two big bottles of cheap vodka--it's the principal that counts. I'll invest it in my brain, like the happy alcoholic above.

Lazy Sunday. Golden fields of early summer-sudden-spent grass, exploding darts of dandelions, the wild radishes in patches, lavender and white, the bark of sea lions and the ocean's engine running in the background. And I have nothing to say.

Which is also the title of a poem of mine (published I forget where) but written in Long Beach, CA:

Nothing to Say

I have nothing needful to say,
no comment on the glittering bay
or the dark, snow-topped wall
of the San Gabriels.

Things used to be pulled from me,
uprooted like weeds from a garden.
I let the weeds bloom now.

The red-throated bird
that lives in my chipped balcony light
sings for a mate I have never seen.

I let my words run like watercolors.
Time runs only forward.
Why should art be different?
Here is the last line.

I may have posted this before but I could think of nothing else to do except, perhaps, to look up “abulia” again, no sure thing.

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon,

2 Kilobunnies,

Craig Erick


  1. Very cool, C.E. Congratulations!

  2. Anonymous8:50 AM PDT

    Yer crankin CE. Some page seems to have turned for you. I hope it continues.



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