Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Publications

I have some publications up, in Quill and Parchment (feature, for this you'll need the passwords, in order, september and school), Underground Voices and Abandoned Towers (under "Poetry").

I've also had an overture from a publisher but I'll keep that quiet for now, no need to upend good fortune with presumption.

I have been battling the deer, who more than decimated my vegetable garden and took care of a host of blooms as well; the very plants they are said not to eat, mainly of the daisy family, are not even immune to them. I have found but two resistant flowers, zinnias and marigolds. They eat the flowers of petunias, cosmos, lobelia, alyssum, poppies, roses, geraniums, jasmines, and in some cases their leaves well. They resist spices in general, like sage and dill and lavender, but will eat mint. Our persistent drought has made them bold in seeking anything green, even if authorities say they "dislike" it. It's all relative to hunger. I'd eat grasshoppers if I had to.

That said, my mood has improved since increasing my Effexor by 75 mg. a day. I'm glad I thought of it. Too often even the experienced chemically impaired patient fails to suspect his disease first. I should know better. To be fair I was blindsided by the scene of the crime.

Little else to report. I did replant over thirty vegetable starts today with my motion-activated sprayer (Scarecrow) set to spray a swath to protect them against any approaching mammal of a certain size. This includes humans, sometimes to my guests' dismay.

Tomorrow I pour wine at a Subdudes concert. Pretty good ticket for me. Wish you were there.




  1. I was there from 9 am on setting up tables but got to see the Subdudes who I thought were great. It's fun when you get to see muscians, artists in any medium performing who truly appear to love doing what they do. I think they liked being on our misty coast, a break from the heat, and a very appreciative crowd, Craig.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    My best to you both...


  2. They had such great vocalists... my favorite times were when they went a capella save for percussion.

  3. I agree...their voices, harmonies were wonderful and they were great "unplugged"...and the tamborine player was excellent. They were obviouslyy having as good a time playing as we were having listening.

    I have enjoyed their music for years, have their first big CD, but had never seen them live or unplugged.



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