Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Sayings II

One of the more popular of my postings has been "New Year's Sayings." I don't know if my mind is up to it today to create more semi-aphorisms, but I assure you these are my own unless they unconsciously filtered into my consciousness. They are not aimed at a New Year per se, only daily living and the philosophy of living.

Men have bodies; women are their bodies.

What's the thing people least like to hear? The Truth! (esp. about themselves)

What is the most necessary quality of a successful artist? Perseverance.

A good dog is better than a bad child and much easier to obtain.

To see your parent as an equal is taboo.

In America our cleanliness certainly exceeds our godliness.

Release your old friends from their childhood portraits and come to know them anew.

Family love is required, so loyalty must trump preference, even in the face of resentment.

There is no substitute for good parents or good genes.

Even a starving artist has to eat.

Nature, nurture, hard knocks and knowledge: a life.

To spoil a child, give them what they want. To bless a child, give them what they need.

Any defect in ourselves is what we most despise in others.

Wonder is not merely the province of childhood.

Have something to say and say it well--no more needs to be known about writing.

Imagine a world without music--how we take the arts for granted!

Eating healthy trumps dieting; loving one's neighbor trumps religion.

In a world of sheep, leadership is crucial, but beware of wolves in shepherd's clothing.

The most spiritual man is often the most practical.

Trees grow straight when they can but will always bend for the light.

True love is rarer than diamonds and more costly.

To sacrifice of necessity is adaptive; to sacrifice for oneself, ambitious; to sacrifice for others, saintly.

In our children we see the history of our earlier defects on display.

Etiology of adult ADD: overstimulation.

When going for a walk, do not bring your I-Pod; it imprisons your senses.

True luxury is having others do the work you don't want to do.

Wisdom consists of waiting for the nature of things to reveal their natures.

The economic crisis is the result of a banking on the future.

Mind over matter? Matter usually wins.

When you hit a brick wall, turn left.

Effeminate men are not necessarily gay, nor masculine women lesbian.

Dating encourages self-deception as we project our expectations on the other. Infatuation occurs when we believe in our own fantasies. Love appears when we see the other shorn of our distortions and yet remain devoted.

The Bing Bang: God's fingernail clipping lit on fire.

Multiverse: the new haven for UFO seekers.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

"Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord, "But you need to mind forgiveness."

In an imperfect world, forgiveness is the most necessary expression of love.

God is the woof and warp of being, not the last explanation for unsolved mysteries.

Most people endure their jobs; he who loves his work is blessed.

Zionists are no better than the terrorists they incite.

The U.S.: Gulliver bound in threads, the helpless giant.

On science and wonder: Hummingbirds are impossible.

Water purifies itself; fanatics try to purify others.

Idolatry is the convenient substitution of ambition and loyalty for anything less than the Truth.

The Truth is neither didactic, abstract or situational. It can only be observed in living it out.

We all know what's right; it's the doing of it that burns.
Charity motivated by guilt is an unworthly offering.

Follow your heart, bet your life upon love; it is better to fail gloriously than succeed modestly.

In the age of personal promotion modesty has become a vice.

The ocean refuses nothing--the ultimate recycler.

Reality must be tailored to the size of our illusions; illusions are more necessary for living.

There is more truth in fiction than in non-fiction.

Everyone's the hero of their own story, and therapy consist of listening to their tale until they either buy it or see through it, when reconstruction begins.

We are, inside, very much more the child we once were than the adult we became.

The noose of his own opinion hangs the hypocrite.

What is better than Love?


Happy New Year!

I'm about 1 kilorat because of New Year's associated melancholy. It's been a tough year.


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