Friday, January 02, 2009

Sex in the Men's Bathroom...

I still have more "Best of," but I have to interrupt it now and then for some live coverage. New Year's Eve I had one of those experiences you only see on TV.

At our motel, where we paid for a dinner and dance so we didn't have to drive, someone managed to get the pool and hot tub open at 3 AM. We stole over there and jumped in the hot tub. Two barely twentysomethings were hot and heavy in the tub's corner, he in briefs, she in a slip. Kathleen threw a pool ball at them and told them to get a room. She smacked him in mid-kiss. When they resumed their activity she threw it again. I was in the cold pool and the young man looked pissed, so I explained how my wife was deaf and didn't understand his displeasure. She threw the ball again. They left in a hurry but I couldn't see whereto. Subsequently I had to drain my bladder, and as soon as I entered the men's room, there she was sitting on the sink with legs spread and him pounding her. "Excuse me," I said (though I had every right to a urinal) and turnbed for the ladies' bathroom. After their deed they emerged again and the girl did not look embarrassed or drunk and the young man jumped back into the tub--this time naked--and called to some other girl by the entrance.

I don't how many sex scenes I've seen in movies that occur in closets, airplanes, even an antique store in Woody Allen's "Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex but Were Afraid to Ask." But other than spying other couples on the beach in a bag or in the distance in the wilderness, I had never seen the act so brazenly played and foreplayed. My point? Sometimes fantasies happen. This was not one I'd like to repeat as either participant or observer. IUf young people can't afford a room, can't they find a dark alley somewhere, or even a well-lit parking lot?

We did stay up all night and walked the dog at sunrise and never went to bed until late last night with no ill effects.

Today I had lunch with J. Webb (or Beau Blue of Cruzio's Cafe') and his lovely wife, Lori, where we traded DVDs and CDs and waxed temporarily literate. He's a character and if you haven't visited his cartoon treatment of poetry, you're missing out. You can also see my "Where Are the Frogs" video there.

My wish for this year was to be as happy and content in 2009 as I was for the second half of 2008. There's no reason I can't continue by God's grace and good luck. And I have the promotion of my new book to look forward to, as I already have a hardback copy for proofing, so I know it's not an illusion. With your help I aim to sell 1000 copies, which for a book of poetry would be a great success. If you love poetry, think about that statistic for a moment. We have a great oversupply of poets and a great undersupply of readers. It's as if everyone who bought a bicycle thinks he's Lance Armstrong.

But I don't mind. It's a big pond and I'm just a small fish looking for a break. And I know, despite my struggles made public here, that I do have a gift and that to some, at least, my words will make a difference. Whatever else you can say about my poetry, most agree that I have a "strong voice."

Happy New Year Again!

CE, Kiloneutral

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