Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Poem from "Unexpected Light"

In continuing anticipation of my book's release, here's another poem from the volume:

Christ's Lighthouse

There is a pillar of light
stuck in the rocks like Excalibur
above a harbor of heavy water,
hushed and heavy with suffering,
where waves swallow their foam—
but much can obstruct your view.

I used to lose sight of it, thinking
the ocean's furious slam dance the thing,
me roped to the mast between
the cold salt walls of death—
Or ships would block it,
horns and radios distract me
until only a slip of light
in the marbled sky
recalled its jeweled foghorn,
a dog whistle for the deaf.

Do I dare now? Do I dare say
I see it always, through iron bars
and self-revulsion as if the great stone
of the world were rolled away? 
What terrible temptations do I then tempt,
What unexpected holy thing
may morph into evil,
baiting my inner eye
with self-congratulation—
me a blind man beating
his dog with a white stick? 

(earlier version published in Mindfire)

Yesterday I was jonesing for a cheeseburger and satisfied myself, Oh how I satisfied myself, at Jenny's Giant Burger in Fort Bragg. As I was wadding up my napkins and paper to throw into the trash, I lifted my cup for a sip of Coke and managed to jam the straw up my nose rather deeply. In 54 years I can't remember this happening before, but I had another fast-food epiphany once, where I was sucking on a drink in the bathroom while peeing. I felt like an in-and-out factory. Strange.

I'm really a sushi and potatoes kind of guy.

If any have trouble with today's poem, please query or comment below. It's not one of my easier poems, though I constantly strive to be clear--yet there are some things that can only be said in a more complicated way, and sometimes I am not a good enough poet to simplify adequately.

The neurologist said of my neck injury and nerve impingement that I can get by without surgery. Hooray! I hate surgery and the stress it puts upon the body's recovery systems. To be avoided if at all possible.

I'm furiously writing editors who have published me, trying to obtain as many reviews as I can. As they are published I'll post them here. Writing the book took a long time, but promoting it is a new endeavor, and I ask your help with it. In other words, tell your friends!

I've also started a Facebook group around the book, which anyone can join. Here's the link: Unexpected Light

Thanks for stopping by!

At 1 Kilobunny (might be two if I didn't have this cold; hope the jammed straw helped with the congestion),


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