Saturday, February 17, 2007

Favorite Films; Seeking a Human Poem

Sam Rasnake tagged me for favorite films. I feel a little sheepish because I am not a videophile and also because movies are so much a part of pop culture. With that disclaimer, and in no particular order, I proceed:

Citizen Kane
Maltese Falcon
African Queen
As Good as it Gets
Duck Soup
A Night at the Opera
Altered States
American Beauty
The Graduate
Apocalypse Now
Starship Troopers
Mulholland Drive
Blue Velvet
Wizard of Oz
Gone with the Wind
Lord of the Rings
Pink Panther
Magic Christian
Othello (Welles)
Dances with Wolves
In the Name of the Father
My Left Foot
Sophie's Choice
Catch 22
Carnal Knowledge
The Exorcist
Frankenstein (Karloff)
A Hard Day's Night
The Disorderly Orderly
High Anxiety
Meet John Doe
Das Boot
The Deer Hunter
The Ten Commandments

And many, many, more...but my mind blocks here.

In addition, in my continuing quest to understand the limitations of my verse, I post a poem, below, about which I would like to know whether I transcended the neatness of my usual compositions, having more of an open, communal feeling, as my good critic advised.

No Bottle

All I have are these words, finally,
to convince you that I mattered.

I am not convinced.

David said it best:
“My tears have been my food day and night.”

Poetry doesn’t get much better.

He also wrote,
“Are not my tears in your bottle?”

He thought suffering redemptive.

My tears are without object,
my grief without circumference.

My God has no bottle.

Thine, at 1 Kilobunny! (shh!)



  1. Othello by Welles is a magnificent film. Also like Duck Soup, Altered States, and Frankenstein. Great list CE.


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