Sunday, February 04, 2007


I had a dream about the Superbowl last night in which the Bears won despite a last-second touchdown by the Colts that was disallowed, and pandemonium ensued as sides warred over the trophy. As my chances of prediction are 50/50, my vision, even if true, means nothing statistically--unless the game ends as I saw.

I don't like watching football much, though I did catch the Colts vs. Patriots game, which was excellent. I think it's the grinding inevitability of football, only occasionally punctuated by a few great plays, that keeps me from it. Except for free throws and timeouts, I find basketball infinitely preferable.

Mood same as yesterday, but I had many dreams. We ate yellow coral mushrooms for the first time. Delicious. Whether they induce more dreaming I don't know.



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