Saturday, July 29, 2006

Brief Post with New Poem

I usually don't post a poem so recent, and this I wrote only a week ago while still in the clutches of depression. For any who read yesterday's extensive comments it should be obvious why I chose to post this poem.

Don’t Look Back

I see my life as a black road stretching back
through infinite potholes of time
to a horizon where black-bottomed clouds
always threaten to storm, a sinister road
flanked by trees blasted the color of ash,
trunks hollow-topped and jagged.

Those are my trees by the sagging barbwire
between the termite-riddled fence posts.
Those are my cows behind the wires
starving, starving, barely standing.
The reason? They have discovered who they are.
I want to tell them, “You are not just meat”
but they know it is a lie.

I cling to my lies like a fat black spider
hanging from a silver filament.
The lies matter, don’t they? Well, don’t they?
Things don’t become other than they are
just because you want them to.
I close the eyes in the back of my head
and shuffle forward.

And with that, I conclude today's blog with brevity, a quality I sorely lack--but only because I have so much to say!

Thine at 2 kilobunnies,


1 comment:

  1. The force of the images that open each stanza carry the poem for me-- a black road, trees by the sagging barbwire (I really like this image and stanza), and the fat black spider. Ending the poem with the closing of the eyes in back of the head is absolutely right for the poem. Good work. I enjoyed the read.


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