Sunday, July 16, 2006

Picture of Kenyon; at 4 Kilorats

This is a picture of Kenyon and two friends. For those who don't know, Kenyon is the dog we fought to recover in Mexico (an adventure I blogged about from August/September 05 to February O6). Thanks to Kathleen for this shot.


I'm too depressed to write today.

I get the weepies between 12 and 3 PM.

Life's the indigestible wrapper around the imaginary candy.

Those who believe in the candy are happier.

God is a computer whose law is randomness.

Randomness devolved on me.

I preach acceptance but I'm not listening.

At 4 kilorats,



  1. Anonymous4:17 AM PDT

    I say, "No, Doctor, these manual tasks help distract me from myself."


    There's a nugget of truth I'd say. Sounds like you need some serious self-dilution, self-forgetting. Blogs are Herculean exercises in self-regard. What about the greatest manual task of all --the dull repetition of a steady job?

    just a thought

    P.S. You can dump the stuff I've emailed you given your frame of mind. It's not good enough to muster the effort for.

  2. For sure, work is mind-numbing especially the jobs of today. When I am in the downs, I go read. Best escape that I know.

  3. I love the picture of the dogs. It looks like they are sitting there posing for the picture.
    Sorry to hear you are so down.

  4. Norm--I would love to be in a steady manual job. The problem is, as soon as I earn any money my private disability would cease--no possibility of transition. And as for manual, my ability to stand and sit is impaired by bad disk problems, the reason, along with manic-depression, I ended up on disability in the first place.

    When I had a terrible depression during my senior year at UCLA, I worked three jobs to minimize my minutes to think about myself. After graduation I worked in a fabric warehouse. In two months they wanted to promote me, the last thing in the world I wanted. I just wanted to schlep rolls of fabric.

    Thanks by stopping by, Cynthia and lorguru.


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