Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sexy Poem for Poetry Thursday

Poetry Thursday has requested sexy poems this week. Here's mine:

Beside the Sleeping Tiger

Come with me, love
across this field of crimson poppies
to a bed of rushes
where the old tiger sleeps.
We will not wake him.

Do not bring your purse or make-up,
shed your jeans and bra.
Let your creamy legs
part the scarlet meadow.
Let the great pearls of your cheeks
tease me as you glide ahead.

Then lay your head down
on the heaving stripes
of this old killer's belly
and be at ease because
he no longer dreams
of violence but generation.
Sleep that I may admire
your vessel at my leisure.

Softly you’ll stir
as I lick your pebbly areolas
and tongue your nipples until you wake
with that infantile, angelic smile
of the truly loved.

Aroused you'll straddle me,
breasts grazing my chest.
Your moistness is better
than cheating death.
Flex your magnificent thighs
quietly, as if in prayer:
We will not wake the tiger.

As for my mood, aren't you tired of reading about it? Yet the good news is, after increasing my Zyprexa to 15 mg. at night (always under the supervision of a physician), I haven't cried for two days and nature looks beautiful again and I can hug my wife naturally. But I have come here before in this depression only to relapse. For today, however, it is truly a miracle. Criticize the pharmaceutical industry if you will, but I praise them for their innovations that can save folks like me.

Thine in Hope,



  1. Wow gee! Speaking of looking around at all the birds and bees....

  2. That is great news. I praise the meds, too. I'm glad to hear it.

    Great poem.

  3. Thanks. Hard to write about sex without using those words, ya know?


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