Monday, September 04, 2006

Can anyone read this blog in good formatting or post here without difficulty? Please advise.

A few days ago I switched my blog to the new beta version, mainly because it was the only way I found to resurrect my blog from the bad formatting by which it was temporarily afflicted.

Now there's a new problem; I can't comment at my friends' non-beta blogs, which I tried to do. I couldn't post because the beta doesn't completely recognize the prior version for interaction. If you have trouble reading or posting to this site, please send me a note at Also, those who have recently written me should be advised patience, as my hotmail account is still being held hostage and I can't access it.

Any questions?


As we age the tables turn; avoiding pain becomes more pleasurable than seeking pleasure. If you're 50 you'll understand it. That's where I'm at with my back and my bipolarity.

I prefer the term, "manic-depression," of course, because it gives the experience of the disease while "bipolar" pretends to scientific neutrality. This is not a neutral disease. It's very much either/or, for or against.

You could say Bush is bipolar on the war on terror.

As for the personal, I'm at 0.5 kilorats, though my brother thinks I'm higher and Kathleen thinks I'm better, so it doesn't matter. My loved ones are telling me I'm better at a time when I can handle the endorsement without feeling like a failure for not saving them all from pain.

Happy Labor Day!



  1. Hm, what is this Beta-Blogger of which you speak? Am I going to have to switch to this? I hate change.

    Everything looks fine to me except for the weird repetitions on your post - but it does kinda have an incantatory quality.

  2. Anonymous4:19 AM PDT

    Everything does look fine. The comment box takes a little while to open up. I think it all has something to do with the Beta-Blogger stuff, which makes me dread having to switch.

  3. Thanks, the repetition was an oversight on my part. And I do believe the have and have-nots will be divided, as will the betas and non-betas. Beta look out.


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