Saturday, September 02, 2006

Microsquished / Dolphins

Yes, did I mention how Microsquish has locked me out of my main e-mail address? I'm sure I have. Their advice so far has proved incompetent.

I think the problem may be in my computer settings, and possibly related to the distortion of my blog as well. On my computer it has no left margin; the print is squeezed as far left as possible on the fake parchment.

I finished categorizing my published poems, a long and tedious task, but at least now I won't have to worry about what's been published and where. It is a commentary on my self-regard that I had to recoup some poems from e-zines of which I had no copies. Then it's fun to practice archaeology on yourself.

In a few years I would not be surprised to see something like Internet archaelogy to exist as a discipline. Who will ever filter out the gems from the mud in this medium? Given enough graduate students, nearly any study can be done.

Here's my study of e-zines in which I have appeared that have subsequently gone belly up without archives:

Defunct Journals 9/2006

Apples and Oranges
A Writer’s Choice
Beauty for Ashes
Blue Moon Review
Disquieting Muses
Dust on My Palms
EZ Books
Free Cuisenart
Horsethief’s Journal
Poetry Now
Poetry Tonight
Recursive Angel
Shallow End
Spoken Word
Susquehanna Review
Tintern Abbey
Wired Heart
World Poetry
Writer’s Hood
Ze Books
Zuzu’s Petals

I'm sure I've missed a few, but who cares? The question is always, "What have you done for me lately?" If any readers know which e-zines are worth submitting poetry to nowadays, preferably those who pay, please let me know.

Here's a poem that has nothing to do with anything and was written 20 years ago in San Clemente, CA:


Beyond the breakers
torpedo flanks
smoothed wakes
into fine threads.
Like scimitars
black dorsal fins
sliced through blue swells,
backs arched in parallel--
water gazelles!--
Or gray gods gliding
over and under
in fluid steeplechase,
weaving sky and sea.

Vaulting broken waves
I stroked my way
to these weird mammals
become fish.
Silently they welcomed me
by changing
neither course nor speed.
South we swam.

And that's all I got tonight, what with my mail and blog in a fix. I'll reset my e-mail in the blog to another valid address should anyone like to mail me.

0.5 Kilorats,


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