Saturday, March 03, 2007

Faux Fame; See No Evil

You, too, can be famous! Click here!

Or here!

Or even here!

Here's my two brothers and I posing long ago for "Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil":

And here's the three of us again, years later, stuck on the same morality play:

Notice the effect this stern moral stance has exacted from our scalps.

Off to chowder and wine tasting in a celebration of Mendocino's winning war to save the whales, started thirty years ago. By the way, we won.

Thine at one kilobunny though still ill,



  1. You're speak no evil in the 2nd photo, right?

    I can't tell which brother you are, which evil you are in the first photo though.

    I'm dying to know what the woman behind the three brothers is looking for.

    And it's probably totally inappropriate for me to ask this, but I'll ask anyway:

    In the second photo, what the hell is that thing in your laps?

    Thanks, btw, for clearing up the whole inductive/deductive issue for me. Your last explanation finally clicked for me.

  2. In both pictures, I speak no evil, likely because I'm an irresponsible loudmouth, esp. when into kilobunnies.

    The things in the second pictures are plaster monkeys reflecting the very virtues we ape.

    Glad you saw my little distinction; once you have, it's easy to think of poetry in those terms, and I don't think it deducts from the enjoyment at all.

    Wish I could tell you if that was my sister or mom; if it was my mom, she was no doubt looking for lint to pick off the carpet. ;-)

  3. Anonymous7:20 PM PST

    "My brothers and 'I'"? No wonder your fame has spread to the "Famous Bipolars" site, which proffers a list of "Famous People Who Have or Who Have" (sic) Bipolar Disorder.

    Now I know what commonality glorifies all you brilliant BPs -- a flagrant disregard for grammar.

  4. Rightly identified as too swift a shot and rightfully an error; although "my brothers and me," would give them a less of a chance of some poor form of existence outside the inescapable vortex of the Chaffin "Me." I thought 'I,' though incorrect, much kinder by the natural isolation of the letter's design and sound.

  5. Anonymous7:02 AM PST


    You offer 'faux fame' as though there is another more substantial ephemera.

    Despite your protestations to the contrary, you seem horribly fixated on adding some lime to your light. Is the sofa revealing a middle child status with all sense of 'overlookedness' thereunto appertaining?

    take care

  6. Oh, I'm on the sofa and frustrated. I am totally ambivalent about fame. (By this I don't mean the fame of a Shakespeare, of course.)

    On the one hand I want it; on the other hand, I don't want to pay the price; on the one hand I despise it; on the other hand I more despise those who attain it with less talent; and finally, I don't think it's fame that I seek, rather recognition--some just apportionment of publicity in accord with my talent--but this idea is just plain silly.

    "The reason poetic competition is so vicious is because the stakes are so low."


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