Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Brief Update

Brief because the damn computer already ate my long blog entry for today.

The dog was not returned Monday. Kathleen wept mightily but recovered, even though we told each other It's Mexico beforehand so as not to get our hopes up.

Her eyes are still a little puffy but she certainly deserved a good cry.

I did, however, get a favorable child support ruling for our youngest, Sarah, today, as she has moved in with her sister, Keturah, in Long Beach, so my first ex- is not longer entitled to any money! Whoo hoo! (I participated long distance by phone like the disembodied voice of Darth Vadar.)

Meanwhile the Mexican prosecutor is supposedly issuing a warrant today for our evil former maid's arrest. She's hard to miss at 5', 210 lbs., with the face of a monkey, kind of like them flyin' monkeys in The Wizard of Oz that used to scare us as kids.

Thanks Val, Sharon, Elisa and Teresa for your encouraging letters!

I've had to cut back on my new antidepressant regimen because I felt myself transitioning to hypomania last night and today. Seductive illness, this manic-depression. And if my disability insurance company is reading this blog, rest assured I am not treating myself but following Dr. Craig Ross's express instructions.

I'm 10,000 words into my last essay in my series on Eliot, regarding Four Quartets. The previous essays can be found at for anyone interested. I should have a book-length manuscript when I'm done, then hope to find an academic publisher.

Thine as ever,


p.s. My birthday is October 17 if anyone wants to send me an e-card!

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