Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Zombies and Kilometers

I started this blog because I had to--just to post at another friend's blog, the usual pyramid scheme for mailing lists and advertisers.

If you go back to the archives of this blog's beginnings you may notice I began with an attempt at humorous essays (with my signature yoking of implausible connections in a myriad of subjects, ancient and contemporary). I liked "Neulasta in My Pasta" a great deal, for instance.

The blog then degenerated into an autobiographical account of our newest troubles in Mexico and our struggle to return to the states.

I called our lawyer today, and of course, she might know something manana.

My birthday, described below, is one to envy I'm sure.

I don't know which is worse sometimes; the disease or the cure.

But as my father was fond of saying, "None of us are going to get out of this alive."

Except Coleridge and zombie fans might argue, the living dead.

And there are many busy dying and not being born.

"Oh how I don't want to be in their number."

And I have kilometers to go before I sleep.

Just a note for today.


Craig Chaffin M.D. FAAFP
Editor, The Melic Review
Doctor-at-large to Gringos who suffer from the treatment of Mexican doctors and all-around nice guy and choir boy.

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