Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Great Comments!

As you can see below, my blog generates many unselfish comments, witness the two appended to yesterday's note:

bigsat05 said...

"Magdalena Movie In Works Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, chairman of Platinum Studios, and Gale Anne Hurd, founder of Valhalla Motion Pictures, announced that they are developing Magdalena , a spiritually themed film based on a Top Cow ...

3:41 PM

accordion-5061B4 said...

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So, the commercial engines are already out there, hawking cookies and movies and camcorders on other folks' blogs, and human contact decreases--or should I say machine-human interaction increases?

Yes, I do have the option to limit comment on this blog by selecting a filter, but I won't. Comments by self-promoting software are better than silence.

And to think these programs care more to comment than my own friends and family!

Hey, I'm not proud, I'll take what I can get.

I mean, I didn't complain when I ordered a garlic bagel today and they brought me something else. I did cuss at a woman who cut in line at the U.S. Consulate, however, only to discover she didn't speak English. I assumed she did because she looked like a norteamericano. Afterwards she explained in Spanish and I apologized. But I think some English speakers in the neighborhood gained a new respect for me.

I am so bored. So, so bored. How bored? Look at what I've written. We are here in San Miguel against our will; our lawyer's number was busy today, as were our friends'; I did, however, receive a package from daughter #2 today which I have yet to open, my first birthday gift, I presume. Keturah is such a trooper, real Erickson blood. But if I open the package, what can I look forward to? Another Astros loss tonight?

Maybe I'll end this note with a stream-of-consciousness attempt:

Woe unto the disenfranchised sons of lost time dwelling in the dust of Guanajuato where the silverfish thrive and the eagles are brown, where the parasites are many and the clean water scarce, where sugar skulls are sold to honor the dead and promote Mexican dentists, of which there are too many, but this is hardly streamofconsciousness as I planned-- magnolia butter on a half shell shrimp barbacoated in delicious bacterial membrane lifted from the remains, remains of the day, day of the remains, Day of the Dead, we're all dead and dying, frying, trying to get inside our own heads, blank chambers without bullets, hot lead injection in the medulla oblongata, whatyougotta, Jake LaMotta, middleweights, featherweights, feathers of Quetzacoatl hanging from my unclipped nose, colorful nosehairs, the candy-colored clown they call the sandman.





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  2. Wow, great site. I have found this great herbal male enhancement; you can buy it at… (Just kidding CE). I enjoyed your stream of consciousness. It conjured up a lovely vision of Quetzacoatl boxing Jake LaMotta to a sound track of Roy Orbison.

  3. Dear Jarod,

    I'm a little embarrassed you discovered my blog. It began as an attempt at light humorous essays, as in the archives: "My Future Celebrity," but has since degenerated into slightly twisted ongoing autobiography, which seems more interesting to my friends and family in any case.



  4. CE,

    Sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you, I just have an uncanny knack for internet research and you popped into my mind as I was surfing. It sounded like you wanted more comments and I can’t resist making a bad joke or two. I assure you that I have much… much… less respectable autobiographical sites floating about. If you want revenge search for me on I will surf elsewhere; your blog is safe once more.


  5. Jarod, no sweat.

    I have a right to be embarrassed and you certainly have a right to read.

    I am not the Great Oz nor was meant to be, and maybe snippets from my real life will make me less an literary shadow and more a real person. So come back anytime, you're more than welcome.



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