Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy Birthday

To me!

Keep those cards and letters coming.

If it's not about me I don't want to hear it.

(The problem with this world is that there's too much "me" to go around.)

At 51 I'm almost playing with a full deck!

I spent my birthday, yesterday, in bed with intestinal problems, took the cure for amoebas and salmonella, couldn't drink much because of it.

Still off cigs!

I watched a lot of TV yesterday because I wasn't feeling well, but God was good. I got to see three Law and Order episodes, one which I hadn't seen before, two that I had perhaps seen only once. And I fell asleep during The Fugitive. That's good viewing on Mexican basic cable.

My faithful Kathleen spent the day with me.

No epiphanies save slight nausea and a fullness in my abdomen and that I hate Mexico. But you knew that.

Just de-wormed myself a few weeks ago, hope I don't need that again.

I have to take more medicines for parasites than a dog.

Thanks, daughters and friends, for the nice e-cards. I especially like Rachel's, wherein she correctly identified me as the black sheep of the family.

If your life is so boring you stopped to read this, well, what can I say?

"Keep coming back!" as in AA.

Soberly Thine,

Dr. Chaffin, aging neophyte


  1. Happy birthday, younger-than-me-old friend!

    There are worse things than being alive and in Mexicao but I'm hard pressed to come up with any right now (being at work and all).

    Life is good, more or less, I try to keep my blog going, such as that is- hmm- this is a message abounding with qualifiers-

    There's a new prize in Central Virginia, $10,000 annually for a poet who contributes significantly to the area poetry scene- which of course, would be me (and has been for years) but I didn't get it this year and probably won't ever- there is no justice- but you know that, doncha???

    yup- happy birthday anyway! If I outlive you, I'll brush your bones.


  2. Thanks, Shann!

    I know you deserve that award and I have also watched your poetry improve over the years and hope you are rewarded someday though rewards for poets are slim indeed unless one is gifted with the gift of self-promotion, which I am not, though I can write run-on sentences.




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