Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Never-Ending Story

Well, well, well.

The dog was not returned Monday. Instead Maria moved it somewhere else, so that we can no longer comfort the poor puppy with treats and paw rubs under the high, solid steel doors of his prison not far from our digs. Of course, Kathleen wept Monday night and there was no cheering her. I had told her not to get her hopes up because "It's Mexico;" she had told herself the same, but hell, she deserved a good cry-- she's been separated from her hearing-ear dog for nine months and counting. Hell, that's term gestation for human grief!

With pressure from my private lawyer, the prosecutor promised to issue a warrant for Maria's arrest today. They even joked together that she would be hard to miss, since I estimate her cuerpo at 5', 210 lbs. Supposedly this should bring our case up on the judge's docket more swiftly, but It's Mexico.

Thanks for all the encouraging e-mails from Elisa, Valerie, Teresa and Sharon. It's much easier to hit the button and e-mail me below than have to register for your own blog.

I was slightly hypomanic last night and today, so accordingly reduced my antidepressant regimen this morning and am not moving as fast as I was. The key to this illness is balance. Being a Libra, this is the task God has appointed me (in this life) through Nancy Reagan's astrologer. (My 51st birthday is October 17 for any interested. You can always send me an e-card!) I suppose Bush must have direct access or at least an e-mail address for the Big Guy. And certainly our president is a living example of Christ's forgiveness.

Myself, I remain a fan of Henry Kissinger and Realpolitik. Foreign policy isn't, cannot be about morality, rather the balance of power and trade between competing selfish nations (see Machiavelli and Adam Smith, it's all in there).

Then, as some said to me about becoming a doctor, "Who would want to be president?"

Oh well, the alternative, Gore or Kerry (apologies to all my Democratic friends), might not have been any better.
My only question for Bush is whether or not he can achieve President Carter's great watermark: Stagflation and national malaise!

I'll sign off now to go root for the Astros and Angels.

Thanks for all your support!

BTW, I'm 10,000 words into my essay on T.S. Eliots Four Quartets as of today, and expect to reach 20,000, which will complete a book-length critique of Eliot's poems that someday, if I put my mind to it, might be published in book form. You can read all my previous essays on Eliot at

Thine in Truth and Art,

C. E. Chaffin

p.s. My 51st birthday is October 17 for any interested. You can always send me an e-card!

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